Non Disclosure Agreement

In connection with the Venture Cup Sweden Competitions held at this platform and dates defined in each competition, (“the Competition”), in which I may participate as a business coach, feedback writer and/or as a member of the jury (“Trusted user”), I commit, towards both the competition organization as well as the participants, to the following:

1. Commitments for business coaches, feedback writers, and jury members

1.1 I hereby commit not to reveal to third party, directly or indirectly confidential information and working material as defined below (“information”) which is shared with me through non-public fields, non-public feedback, within the context of the Competition or through contact with the participants during the validity of this confidentiality agreement.

1.2 I commit to using any information only for preparation and execution of the Competition and only to pass information onto third parties with explicit permission from the competition participant unless the involvement of a third party is needed for the execution of the Competition and the third party has committed to this confidentiality agreement.

1.3 I commit to destroying all information I have obtained within the context of the Competition in any form this information may exist, no later than one (1) year after deadline decided by Venture Cup for the Competition.

1.4 I commit to, where applicable, to secure that the obligations of confidentiality mentioned above are also met by third parties involved by me.

2. Confidential information and confidential working material.

2.1 Information is hereby defined as all technical, financial or any other information which a participant disclose in non-public fields or non-public feedback, in whatever form it may occur within the context of the Competition.

2.2 Publicly known information or information that without any violation of the preceding paragraphs become publicly known is not confidential information. Confidential information does not include such information which at the time of the delivery was already known to me.

3. The confidentiality agreement’s period of validity

3.1 This confidentiality agreement refers to information which I will receive during the period of the Competition. The obligation to maintain the secrecy of such information as referred to in this agreement applies to a period of 5 years from the deadline that’s decided by Venture Cup of the Competition.

4. Ethical commitment

4.1 I respect and I will not take advantage of the uneven relationship between participants and more experienced business coaches, feedback writers and jury members. Hence, I shall always act in the best interest of the participants

4.2 If I as a business coach, feedback writer or jury member involved in Venture Cup wishes to enter into a financial relationship with a participant, the competition management must be informed. The project management are bound to secrecy in these matters.