STARTUP - 2021
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Nordic Bio-Rubber, the most sustainable elastomer


As RESELO AB, we have developed Nordic Bio-Rubber, a novel elastomeric material. In contrast to synthetic rubbers that are produced from fossil resources, Nordic Bio-Rubber is produced from an abundant residue of the forestry industry. Based on a comprehensive material characterisation, we are confident that our material can replace fossil-based rubbers in a variety of everyday products like shoes and toys. This encouraged us to patent Nordic Bio-Rubber as well as its underlying production process. Since Nordic Bio-Rubber is manufactured from a biobased residue of an existing industry in a process that is environmentally favorable compared to existing elastomers. Therefore, the production of Nordic Bio-Rubber is resource-saving and contributes greatly to the Agenda 2030 goal “12 Responsible Consumption and Production”. In addition, we also contribute to goal “13 Climate Action” because using birch bark as a feedstock for materials instead of generating energy reduces the emission of carbon dioxide. Finally, we indirectly support goal “15 Life on Land” because using Nordic Bio-Rubber will decrease the demand of natural rubber resulting in less rubber tree plantations needed and hence leaving more land for the tropical rainforest.

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