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Easy Education - Distance Education made Easy

By: Gustav Ahlm

    The development of digital aids and resources for students in higher education has in recent years been virtually non-existent, while the need for a digital presence is now more important than ever.

    At present, our nation faces major challenges due to the prevailing Covid 19 situation. On Wednesday, March 18th, the Swedish government decided to shut down all high schools, colleges and universities, leaving many affected people in concern. Educational institutions and students are now forced to adapt to the new situation where a digital presence is more important than ever.

    In an industry where digitalization has lagged, Easy Education operates to offer students a modern and innovative solution where their needs and interests are our top priority. We have through top of the art technology, succeeded to develop a digital study environment where students can get instant access to smart and interactive course material by the push of a button. Our technology transforms outdated formats into a unified intelligent interface as well as offering smart digital study tools for a more efficient and easier learning process. We help institutions with the digital transformation as well as give students a fair opportunity to adapt to the new situation.

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    oscar valentin
      31 Mar 2020

      I seriously cant wait for this to go live. Seems about time we start developing and improving the entire education sector, this is a great start! Let’s Go!! I

      Carl Landahl
        25 Mar 2020

        Great service!