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AI as a clinical assistance for COVID screening (ePosture AB)

By: Amir Taghizadeh Vahed

    Since COVID has been spread all over the world widely by January 2020, there is high interest from various domain areas (particularly governmental sections) to overcome it. The mentioned disease is highly contagious and causes respiratory distress or multiple organ failures. In this sense, early screening plays an important role in preventive treatment. Regarding COVID-19, radiography from the chest is one of the major suggested methods for screening. In order to carry out on time preventive treatment, a requirement for appropriate interpreting on medical imaging is an essential action. However, the interpretation of medical imaging (i.e., X-rays and CT scans particularly) needs high-skilled expertise in the domain area. For instance, the need for interpreting the radiographic imaging in the rural areas, which suffer from a lack of high skilled radiologists, is vital. On the other hand, for experienced radiologists, especially those working in busy, crowded areas, interpreting hundreds of images a day is a tedious and time-consuming action. In addition, by the advent of new types of disease, even the experienced radiologists have had difficulties regarding the interpretation of medical imaging. Thus, the team has launched a project which can find the AI-based solution which can automatically interpret medical images more accurately and faster as well. Covid screening web application by ePosture AB

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    Pori Niki
      2 Apr 2020

      This is fantastic! AI is on fire, and this is the best idea I have ever seen. Thanks.

      Simin Hajizadeh
        1 Apr 2020

        What Corona crisis has thought us is the need of AI-based techniques that can assist medical doctors in regards to early diagnostics. So, this idea is a valuable step that can pave the way for equipping medical doctors with it.

        Mozhgan Pourkeshavarz
          1 Apr 2020

          Medical imaging AI is progressing fast, boosted by an industrious community and technology advances. The market, however, is not big enough to support all the companies involved in the field and European radiologists still lack proper training. It seems now is the time for AI to come to the aid of radiologists to overcome COVID19! European radiology needs AI luminaries!

          Arnaud Rus
            31 Mar 2020

            Such a great idea! **We should stop training radiologists right now – Geoffrey Hinton, Google.