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A social business network for all the industries across the globe.

By: Benjamin Lillandt

    Devkittens business concept is based on creating a platform that will enable professional networking online and on industry events. The platform will facilitate the discovery and communication of businesses across the globe, while reducing the global footprint, making it accessible for everyone to network as a professional despite of COVID-19 and other calamities that the world might face in the future.

    Devkittens is a new generation of interaction designers. The tech company focuses on building user-friendly impact apps and services with the support of AI.

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    Mozhgan Pourkeshavarz
      1 Apr 2020

      I think we would overcome this need by using LinkedIn!

      Oskar Westerlund
        19 Mar 2020

        I think this proposal by Benjamin Lillandt is something that is needed. We have existing dominant players on the market, sure, but I don't think anybody is targeting this niché. Online multi-channel fragmentation causes issues, and I think this solution would provide new functionality that is missing at the moment from the market. Once this service is up and running, I definitely would see myself using it to facilitate more meaningful and engaging professional encounters.

        Robin Lindh Nilsson
          19 Mar 2020

          I really support this idea! There are various solutions on the market, but none that covers it all. It would be great to have it all in a single place, with more social aspects not only during the event but also afterwards and long-term.