STARTUP - 2020
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SOLARITON - Solar Heating Solutions


The large glass surfaces that are popular in modern architecture pose a challenge to energy efficiency and the maintenance of a comfortable indoor climate. In cold climates, normal windows stay cold even though they are exposed to direct sunlight, thus creating an uncomfortable indoor climate. Colder windows imply a cooling effect which forces the use of energy for heating to skyrocket, directly contributing to the overuse of fossil fuels being used for heating today.

SOLARITON is here to change this. We have developed a versatile and cost effective technology for warming up windows. Our technology is based on the use of so-called ’nanoantennas’, which can convert the sun’s light into heat. These nanoantennas are then coated onto any type of glass surface, through our in-house developed coating method. With our coating solution, windows remain transparent and colour neutral, while their temperature increases with up to +8°C.

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Eric Henriksson
    28 Mar 2020

    It definitely sounds like applying your product as a coating is the way to go! If you manage to apply this coating in an efficient manner, it feels like you should indeed be able to provide customers with a valuable and cost-efficient solution. Good luck!

    Christopher Jacklin
      28 Mar 2020

      Great idea with an all-star team behind it. Really excited to see the different applications that are possible, considering the customizability of the nano antennas!

      Ola Haddad
        28 Mar 2020

        I would like to see your product in action, would be very interesting,

        maruan abdul-karem
          27 Mar 2020

          I believe that you are targeting a problem with a new solution in a really great way! Would love to hear your strategy of how you will go to market and how your first sales will be. what is that makes your have to wait until 2022-2023?

          Roşu Ioana
            26 Mar 2020

            Awesome if it is also affordable

            Jonas Petterson
              26 Mar 2020


              Morten Petterson
                26 Mar 2020

                This could be a game-changer in the challenges we're facing today, with fewer and fewer ressources and unsustainable ways of producing energy. If your coating solution will be out on the market and can be implemented in other application areas than buildings, we could also see cars without fog in the morning. Think about those minutes you spend every morning letting your engine run, in order to defog your windows. I see a bright future for this idea, and I cant wait to see it happen!

                Marina Magalhães
                  26 Mar 2020

                  I like the way you challenge the current industry! Your understanding of the competition makes you have a clear goal of how to position yourselves. The solution has a clear and relevant problem to be solved and it brings value not just for customers and end-users but also for society and the environment! It's a full package of values what you are providing. It will be a success, for sure!

                  Frida Femling
                    26 Mar 2020

                    Amazing idea, best of luck to you guys!

                    Diana Cristina
                      26 Mar 2020

                      Great team and innovative solution! Keep up the good work 😊

                      Emanuel Sanne
                        26 Mar 2020

                        I like the team setting and how you complement each other. It looks very promising from a team perspective! Since the heat loss is huge because of windows, it is very interesting how your technology can potentially help solve this issue, with the application you have chosen. I also like that you have talked to a lot of customers, it feels like you are on the right track! Best of luck to you!

                        Sophia Smail
                          26 Mar 2020

                          Seems like a great sustainable solution, much needed!