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Improved diagnosis using AI


Familial hypercholesterolemia is the second most common genetic disease in Sweden, and may have fatal outcomes at a very early age, or reduce life expectancy by 10-15 years in affected individuals.

There are effective treatments already established, but only 18% of the estimated affected people have the diagnosis.

We offer a novel and easy-to-use screening method that performs significantly better than all existing tools today.

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Joana Pereira
    5 Nov 2020

    Outstanding study showing how AI can be used to improve disease diagnosis! In addition, it has many potential applications to other fields and could become an important tool for routine diagnostics in the clinic!

    Claudia Manzo
      5 Nov 2020

      This is a really impactful solution for healthcare and you seem to have a very strong vision and team. Wish you the best of luck!

      Austin Frick
        4 Nov 2020

        Reading about this project made me emotional in terms of the positive impact this could make on someone’s life. Thank you and best of luck!!

        Sebastian Angin
          3 Nov 2020

          Impressive and ambitious, gonna be fun to see your journey! Good luck =)

          Miriam Kiehn
            27 Oct 2020

            Impressive idea, hope the regulations will not stop you. All the best!

            Zofia Korczak
              23 Oct 2020

              Very nice and necessary project!