Know how to make people re-live their best memories? Tell us and earn 50 000 sek!

Back in the days when you took a photo you had to wait for it to be developed to see the result and to put it into a photo album. Nowadays you can take a snapshot anywhere and anytime thanks to the powerful cameras we’ve put in our phones and carry with us everywhere. But how often do you sit down and look back on those photos. And how often do you remove duplicates or those who came out blurry or in other ways incorrect? Degoo provides the service you didn’t know you needed. With their app they help you filter and sort out your memories as well as remind you of the good old days. But now they need your help. They already have over 20 million users and store over 3 billion photos!

Are you dreaming of becoming a developer, a game changer or just want to try an idea that’s in the back of your mind? Do you want to learn how to go from said idea, to selling pitch, to actually producing your product? Competing in the Degoo Memory Hunt is a great way to start the journey of one day maybe starting your own company, working with your hobby and being your own boss.

Venture Cup together with Degoo can provide you with the tools to make your dream come true. Degoo wants you to help them take their product one step further and will award the best idea with 50 000 SEK. Do you have an idea how to take the app forward, make it applicable in other fields or make it pop? Degoo is looking for new and interesting viewpoints to make their services a household name just like Google, Instagram and TikTok.

What do I need to know before competing?

To be eligible to win there are a few criteria that the idea has to fullfil:

  • Connect to the theme “Life’s best memories”.
  • Need to create a value for millions of people.
  • Help the service develop and expand.
  • Preferably links to the viral explosion for the service.
  • Cannot exceed 1 MUSD in implementing costs
  • Need to use existing technique.

These are the criteria that the jury consider when the winners are appointed. The most important part is that you own your own idea and that you not only have the idea but the plans for how to technically implement it.

What’s in it for you?

Except the chance to win there is also an opportunity to open new doors and expand your network. Venture Cup provides a network with a vast mixture of competence in connection to entrepreneurship from all over Sweden. By connecting with us you are included in our platform where you can reach potential clients, employers or even find new team members.

How do I compete?

To compete you register your business idea here at Venture Cups digital competition platform. You describe your idea with maximum 1000 words, 60 seconds video pitch and 3 pictures, or a mix of any of these. This is also the maximum amount of material that the jury will consider. Don’t forget that all team members need to be registered in the competition entry (a guide for this can be found in Dokument).

Now it’s time, click on CONTRIBUTE to get started!

About Venture Cup

Venture Cup is Sweden’s largest competition for new business ideas and startups. Since the start in 1998 Venture Cup have helped more than 30 000 entrepreneurs to test ideas, get feedback and compete for prize money and recognition. Venture Cup has offices in Stockholm, Göteborg, Lund and Umeå and is a small, close knit, non-profit organization with strong ties to the country’s largest universities where most of the competitors are studying. The purpose of Venture Cup is to get more to try out their business ideas and create sustainable companies through competitions with feedback, education, inspiration and network.

Start:Aug 23, 2020
End:Oct 12, 2020



    The grand price for the best idea is 50 000 SEK.