IDEA - 2017
IDEA - 2017

IDEA - 2017

Note that deadline for this competition is 7th of November 2017. We will intensify the work with this competition during autumn 2017, until then you will have the opportunity to get valuable feedback to your business idea from the crowd.

What is it?

The Idea competition targets new business ideas with great potential and scalability. Ideas that have commercialized revenues exceeding 100 000 SEK are not allowed to compete in this competition. The competition will help you to turn your diamond in the rough into the next unicorn with feedback and help given by other users and professionals from our network.

How to compete?

Add your idea to the competition and present it the way you want. We recommend you to use both text, and media such as pictures and videos to make the idea more interested to read about and to give feedback to. However, keep in mind that the judges will not assess more than a 60-second long video pitch, 1000 words or 3 images.

After uploading it’s up to you to choose how active you want to be in the competition, but a good advice is to expose your idea as soon as possible so you have the chance of interacting with the ones providing feedback and by doing so improve your idea. You have until the deadline to make changes to your original idea.

NOTE: you can choose what parts of your idea that are open to the community (public) and what parts you only wish the jury (who have signed NDAs) can see.

Who wins?

The winners will be appointed by the highest score from the community and Venture Cup’s jury.

By now you should have understood that you have nothing to lose by competing, so what are you waiting for? Get your idea out there and start your entrepreneurial journey. Good Luck!

Start:Dec 13, 2016
End:Nov 7, 2017


    5 000 SEK

    Each IDEA on the Top 20-lists will be rewarded with 5'000 SEK

    Best healthcare idea

    Innovation+ will hand out 15 000 SEK to the best healthcare idea from Västerbotten. The idea that wins should contribute to improve the care and health business.